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Dear Drs. Hewett and Weerts:

Particle physics is frequently characterized as having three experimental frontiers, the energy, intensity, and cosmic frontiers. Intensity frontier experiments are those that use rare processes to probe for new physics. The study of these rare processes requires intense beams and/or large detectors to provide a measurable effect. It can also require highly precise detectors capable of distinguishing these rare and useful processes from more mundane processes that act as a background.

The Office of High Energy Physics wishes to identify the most exciting opportunities to carry out experiments on the intensity frontier for our future planning. I request that you organize a workshop to: identify these opportunities, explain what can potentially be learned from such experiments, determine which experiments can be done with current facilities and technology, as well as determine which experiments require new facilities or new technology to reach their full potential.

The workshop should be inclusive and open to as wide as possible representation from the entire field of particle physics, so that the best ideas can be identified and evaluated by a broad cross-section of the community.

The output of your workshop should be a report documenting the findings from the workshop.



Michael Procario
Acting Associate Director of Science
Office of High Energy Physics

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